45 Goals of a Communist Takeover of America


It has recently been revealed that a plot of Communism to takeover America was entered into a Congressional Report in 1963. The 45 Goals outlined in the report came from a book by Cleon Skouson called The Naked Communist, and entered by representative Hon. A.S. Herlong Jr. of Florida in 1963. We will discuss these goals on this episode.


The 45 Goals include:

  • Promoting the U.N. as credible agency
  • Controlling streams of info including media and entertainment
  • Hijack the education system and make it State run
  • Indoctrination of students in education
  • Destruction of the family unit and steal the minds of children
  • Promote perversions and promiscuity
  • Dominate the psychiatric profession
  • Destroy the influence of Christianity
  • Change the culture

The United Nations was the stated agency to bring policies of Communism into society. George H.W. Bush mentioned that in his speech before the Congress on September 11, 1990 in which stated the credibility of the United Nations to bring about the New World Order.

The education system was hijacked by Foundations to indoctrinate students with this agenda. Here is a clip of Norman Dodd explaining the role of non-profit Foundations to indoctrinate students towards Communism.


The goals were first explained in a book called, The Naked Communist by Cleon Skouson that exposed the agenda.

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