Zionism A Political Movement

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The father of modern Zionism is Theodor Herzl, who was considered a “visionary of the State” for forming an organization recognizing establishing a national State of Israel.

Now either he was working for God, and Zionism is an act of God for end time prophecy, or it operates in opposition to God, though God has it under His control for His use.

However, many Jews of this type are European converts, not true Jews. Yet some regard them as “God’s people” because they covertly converted to Judaism, Talmud recognition with Kabbalah beliefs, give them honor as authentic, blurring the truth. When in fact they are Ashkenazi Khazars and such, those that say they are Jews, yet are not, which Jesus calls the “Synagogue of Satan.” Shall we regard them as they say?

This philosophy was financed by the Rothschilds, who were Freemason Kabbalists that practiced occultism and were financiers of Vatican. Jesuit patsys. Remember, Vatican always strived to acquire rights to Jerusalem, the role of Knights Templar and Jesuits.

Rothschild petitioned Arthur Balfour, Prime Minister of England, for the land of Palestine set apart for this political movement. The Balfour Declaration established their request and plan in exchange for getting the U.S. involved in war. In the meantime Hort was developing the philosophy and through Scofield made it Christian doctrine by subjecting footnotes in the Bible. The intent was to use the newly introduced Critical Texts of Wescott and Hort (1881), however, due to unpopularity Scofield issued his notes in a KJV. Thus birthed Christian Zionism.

Instrumental in this agenda was a fellow who was a Zionist activist and revisionary leader for the movement. Benzion Mileikowsky was a Judaic historian who taught Zionism in Universities. He came to New York in 1940 to build American support for the militants of Zionism. He lobbied in the U.S. for the Jewish State. Since it was appropriate for Zionists to take on Jewish names, Mileikowsky adopted the pen name “Netanyahu.” His son Benjamin also adopted this name. He is Benjamin Netanhayu now Prime Minister of Israel.

WWI planned. WWII planned. Hitler was used by the Oligarchy to move people to the homeland to occupy and rebuild the Rothschild State, thinking it was the time fulfilling prophecy. The result was a political State of Israel in 1948.

Zionism regards the establishment of Israel for the promise of Messiah and salvation. And so do Christian Zionists. However, it is political apostasy of God’s promise. Many Jews look upon this as fulfillment of Messiah. Unfortunately so do duped Christians who think this necessary for Jesus to return to His own and sit in a Third Temple (not appointed to him – see Acts 7:48-51). Christians believed and told that this would be fulfilled in a generation as interpreted by their Scofield Bible. A generation was considered 40 years until the calculation of 1948 to 1988 passed. Then it was extended to 70 years. However, in 2018 that too passed. So when is the fulfillment? It has been extended perpetually. VERY convenient. Or else they should concede that their Pretribulation Rapture theory has failed. They have been trusting in the wrong interpretation.

Is God involved in the politics of man? Does He honor every movement that claims they are Jews or Christian? Because Israel has the perception of needing establishing in the end times, based on Genesis and other passages, it is thought that man can make that happen, even those who are Satanic, occult, Kabbalan, and of the Synagogue of Satan. Perhaps it IS fulfillment of end times. Not for God to re-institute the sacrifices of the Temple to regain the Jews (Zionists and Judaic religious converts), but perhaps will be the seat of a final antichrist character to deceive the world and provoke Jesus Christ to hasten the end.

God will put in the heart of nations to come under the Beast. Babylon city will fall (headquartered in Vatican?). Zionism will be destroyed. And the world will peer upon this charismatic figure representing the Dragon, the Serpent, Satan to be worshipped. He will persecute the saints. Yet he will not have much time as God puts an end to his reign very quickly. THEN the end will come and the saints (not Jews, but those of true Israel, Jew and Gentile one new man) will see their reward for trust (believing) in Jesus Christ. Zionism cannot save. Israel cannot save.

[Jhn 1:12-13 KJV] 12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, [even] to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

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