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In this episode we discuss the use of AI in manipulating the algorithms to squash information revealing conspiracy by placing the search words in low priority unless coupled with more specific phrases. Modern propaganda using cyber books and libraries rather than physical books and buildings.

A campaign has been unleashed against those who expose and reveal the truth about government, Intel agencies, political figures and scandals, Jesuits, and Israel.

Conspiracy Theories get high rates on the search engines. However, algorithms have been altered to restrict influence of those search words that bring up those terms. In favor of the official narrative that has been approved for the propaganda.

1967 Clandestine Services Unit of the CIA made the term “Conspiracy Theory” a derogatory trigger.

CIA conspiracy
CIA conspiracy document

FBI documents suspected of penalizing conspiracy theorists. We have such information available that targets were conducted to collect information.

Intel agencies work with social media and search engines such as Google (its parent company Alphabet Inc) to control information streaming to the public. AI and search engine modification done to prevent search words that list this information. A saturation of irrelevant news floods the pages to push more important (or revealing) material further back on the search pages. This is called “Forum Slide.”

Labels and new definitions of “hate speech” prevent certain material that ends up not following social media guidelines. And many posts, videos, and materials associated are flagged and removed.

Certain notifications like this one has been sent. This article tells of 78 stories not allowed on Facebook.

78 Waking Times Articles That You Are NOT Allowed to Post or Share on Facebook

YouTube was found to have manually manipulated search results, admits a source at their tech company. Holding a blacklist file of certain controversial search queries in favor of YouTube approved mainstream narratives. Social Media reps deny such deliberate tampering. Yet insiders involved with it admit it.

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