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The Western civilization is considered “Christian.” The term Christian has been exploited and now is thought of as a cultural consciousness rather than a true adherence to faith. It has been adopted more as something we assume rather than a genuine conversion, and a label that has led to misconceptions and false hope. And how the churches have considered their services a community event rather than an intimate body of believers gathered to worship together to further confuse the matter. Our panel discusses the topic and explains why the Evangelical community is pushing the political necessity of the right godly candidate like Trump in office.

In the Wester world, Christianity is assumed. America is considered a “Christian” nation because it has adopted Christian principles for its moral and judicial law. And is made up primarily of Catholics, Protetants, and non-denominational Christians. However, not everyone in the nation can be considered truly Christian just because the nation has adopted the values.

This label has falsely identified some who have a belief in God to consider themselves Christian, therefore having eternal life in heaven. But not truly given themselves in authentic conversion. This has contributed to the misconception that some have as to their salvation. Some adopting the faith as a mental conversion.

This false conversion is stated in scripture:

[2Ti 3:5] Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

In our churches we also have a problem. The meeting of church has become a community event rather than a meeting of the assembly of believers. Some come in off the street without having the intent of worship unto God. Others believe they are participating in the worship, while being “assimilated” into the faith through “osmosis,” hoping to be infectious. That method had been deliberately developed by a merging model of business and religion, church and state converging called the “Emergent Church.” More that that later.

The original meeting of the “church” is meant to be “ekklesia,” as written in Matthew 16:18. See my article on the Church vs the Ekklesia. It is meaning the assembly of believers who are together in one place rather than ALL those who attend, or the building itself. This also gives a false connotation of what is “church.” I also explain the true church in Upon This Rock, I Will Build My…

The term “Christianity” has applied to the culture rather than the faith of believers. And the connotation given is that it includes all those presiding in a nation, or community who believe the same. However, not all solely give their surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, thus is not truly representing the Christian faith, only a surface belief. Originally the term “Christian” was given as a derogatory slander against those who followed Jesus and would be His disciples. Now it is a label of general belief in those who have acknowledged Jesus Christ, whether they truly are His disciples or not.

The ethics of Christianity in this manner is allegorical rather than individual and personal. This has been the interpreted Freemason view of the scriptures and of Jesus Christ. Perhaps the Freemasons have been to blame for this perspective.

Assimilation is when a community is invited in and the intent is that through example and experience, the attendee may see what is of faith and be willing to convert. By attending the church, the preacher hopes that through a polished message, the prospect will grasp the concept of salvation by inoffensive terms and would want to make a verbal or expressive commitment. The environment is staged for comfort, familiarity, and non-offensive atmosphere. The church model has gone this way to accommodate the modern world and grab their attention. However, it has blurred the meaning and intent of “church.” We explain how this model came about and its intent.

Problem with assimilation is that it results in conversions not of faith, but of the seed thrown on stony ground. Matthew Chapter 13 describes the parable of Jesus on the Sower and the Seed. Some fall on hard ground and never is rooted. Also in Hebrews tells that it is not mixed with faith.

[Heb 4:2] For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard [it].

So the seed produces no fruit.

Some have given an all-inclusive message now claiming that one does not even need to know Jesus Christ to be saved and considered a member of His body. One can simply have “good intentions” and a conscience towards wanting to seek the “only true light they know.” But this light is false if not identified. And one needs to acknowledge a savior to be saved. This is an ecumenical gospel that isn’t authentic of the true faith in Jesus Christ. And it has penetrated society as the tolerant path.

Here is one article asking if all will be saved.

It is not a matter of the self will to be save, but only of God. The scripture that tells it is not the will of man to accept it by their own means, but by the will of God.

[John 1:13] Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Note that on the podcast I referred to this as 1John instead of the gospel of John.

Emergent Church is a movement of the Leadership Network in the Evangelical community to influence society and its sectors for social reform to bring the kingdom of Jesus here on this earth, in changing society to be pleasing to Jesus. Proponents of this include the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation), and the IHOP (International House of Praise), the denominations, megachurches, and even political Council of National Policy (CNP).

The idea is that by claiming the 7 Mountains of society, they can be overtaken and claimed for Jesus, thus bypassing judgement and the Revelation events to make this world reformed to the kingdom of Christ. That is why they have put an emphasis on the importance of voting the most godly candidate into office, and rallying behind Trump as God’s instrument of reprieve for the Christians to allow this change. This movement relies heavily on politics as the means in which government will be transformed. This transformational change is a convergence of Church and State.

However, the problem with this is that Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world, nor is He of this world. Those demanding it insist it be.

The Emergent Church was a movement in the modern era influenced by Peter Drucker, businessman and occultist (New Age Luciferian networks), His effort reached out toEvangelical leaders to develop a new form of church in which would model a business format, inviting outside in and influencing leaders of all denominations form the top down. He follows the New Age Luciferian writer Marilyn Fergussion and her hierarchy of the necessity of network. And it uses network of Pastors to bring this changed format for church to come about.

New Age leaders met with Evangelical leaders in a meeting in the late 1970s where New Age guru Willis Harmon was invited to speak at Wheaton College before the Evangelical community to give his impression “Global Mind Change” for a Utopian society with church and state convergence, and New Age compatibility with the Christian faith. This meeting was hosted by the Billy Graham Association and has resulted in a book on the meetings and result.

The Remedy

The churches have so been influenced by this doctrine that it may not return. The social model of church with its entertainment, relevant snippets and polished message has captured the recipient to that mode. The attentiveness and sensitivity to the seeker, avoiding offensive terms like “sin, repentance and hell” has watered down the message. Now it is not recognizable, nor approved. Tolerance and love, influenced by New Age, is the teaching.

Any church today that is mentored by the Leadership Network is likely affected. So how can a true seeker of the faith be discipled? He may be lead to an authentic teacher of the Word. That takes God to do. However, with all the fellowships in the community, God may lead to one that is full of wolves, however may have that one person who is truly a teacher who may be able to be used by God to disciple the person to faith. Regardless, God can work through the system of this for the authentic convert and use it somehow to transform the new believer, or even to give the Evangelical message to the seeker. despite all the “bells and whistles” of the hyped services today. And hopefully they will recognize the drama for what it is and not be taken by it.

the Bible says “come out of her.” Meaning to come out of the influence of Babylon. Most of mainstream has been influenced by it. So where does one go? To come out may not mean physically as much as spiritually to separate from the drama. To identify not with the world, but with Jesus Christ, seeking God with your whole heart, mind, and soul.

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