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In this episode we discuss demons, what they are, and the aspects they have on people. Can a Christian be demonized? What attracts them? Is there any protection against them? We explain their nature and spiritual warfare against them, from a Christian view.

Classic definition of a demon is an intelligent spiritual entity that can have connotation of being divine. Not all cultures view them as negative or wicked.

Some say they are not real entities, but figurative representation of things that antagonize or inhibit. Like a person “facing his demons.” They believe them to be someone’s personal struggles. In the Bible Jesus confronts demons and demonized individuals, mostly those who had not yet been converted as believers. Though we will see this is not necessarily all there is.

Some brought those to Jesus who were demonized. Jesus cast demons out of a maniac, who identified themselves as Legion. He cast them into pigs who ran off a cliff into a lake (Luke 8:30). He cast a demon from a dumb man (Matt 9). The Pharisees accused Jesus of having a demon casting out demons by the power of Beelzebub (Matt 12:27,28).

Where do demons come from?

Some say of the Fallen angels. Angels are messengers created by God to serve his purpose. Yet they fell in the rebellion when Satan provoked them to rebel. But other references indicate that they are of the offspring hybrid creatures called Nephilim of the fallen angels habitating (having sex) with humans. (Gen 6, Jude 6). Some refute that connection, especially when brought in the book of 1 Enoch, who called them Watchers and identified them. Some say Enoch contradicts the scriptures held inspired. However, while Enoch 2 and 3 are another Enoch full of hermetic principles, 1 Enoch brings detail to Genesis 6. And it fits the purpose and object of their being explaining and emphasizing what the scriptures allude. Our speculation is that they were disembodied (perhaps by the flood?) and became wandering spirits without bodies. Therefore to exist and operate they seek human hosts to embody. Or recipients to antagonize and take on the nature of their spirit.

The Word Demon in scripture

Greek word daimon is in the original texts of scripture, but somehow not translated to the KJV. For some reason the KJV obscures the subject by erroneously using the word “devil” instead of demon for the Greek.

Demon is different from devil. Devil means slanderer. When demon presence is obvious and the person is overtaken by a demonic spirit, the Greek uses daimonizomai, rendered as demonized. Some versions of the Bible read it as demon-possessed. This is a connotation of total control.

Demonization is certainly the word meaning “demon-possessed.” However, a person demonized may not be totally controlled yet antagonized by a spirit, in such a way that it controls their emotions and behavior. It could come from internal or external pressure in the form of a spiritual struggle, or even a suggestion of a curse on someone that a demonic spirit could use as a stronghold against someone.

A person not under the control of the Holy Spirit may be possessed, in that he or she hasn’t the power to overcome the stronghold by their own power. However, while a Christian, who is a person who is a believer in Jesus Christ, may not be possessed, that one could be influenced by yielding to antagonism, pressure, or be victim of suggestion of a curse if yielding to it.

Their nature

Scripture indicates they have great strength (Mark 5:2 the man in the tombs). Known to break chains in dungeons.

They have wisdom knowing the things of God. They also know who Jesus is (Matt 8:29).

They generally have a wicked, vicious, spiteful, unclean, perverse, deceiving nature.

Their mission is to oppose God, oppose saints, deceive men, influence departure from the faith, set up Lucifer’s kingdom.

Authority over them

Believers in Jesus have his power as authority over them. While it is in His name, it is not His name that casts demons without approval to use the authority of His name.

Believers can cast out demons (Mark 16).

They have victory over them.

Spiritual Warfare

Believers CAN be victim of attack (fiery darts, oppression, pressure from outside, and even internal struggle antagonized by spiritual forces on the emotions, body, and mind).

Christians are instructed to guard the mind, be sober, and resist temptation and deception.

Christians shall not give a foothold to the devil or demons. I believe that to be some crevice you open to let a spirit enter. Sin allows the mind to open to spiritual influences. Dabbling in occult practices will open invitation.

However, a believer in Jesus has a recovery available, and weapons to guard off.

Ephesians 6 – the armor of God.

Discern deception. Know the devices of the enemy. Put on the whole armor.

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