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Desecration of Independence

The Globalists admit they want a Centralized Central NWO government. The tendency for them to use the ideology of Democrats shows in the policies. During the debate Biden admitted he is against the civil rights of States in favor of the federal government dictating to the States. This is Socialism. And some of us don’t like Socialism.

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The debate display was horrific. Terrible presentations. Biden should have never attempted to speak. yet his loyal followers keep charging Trump as a criminal charged, and boast Biden as a charming intellect. He could be a corpse and they would prop him up and still vote for him. Trump fanatics will defend Trump as their last hope, so they aren’t going against him. This is a debate merely on bias.

The problem with politics is that it is not only subjective, but the facade of a two party system is irrelevant when the goal is Globalism. The only way around that is a redress of government, which even though the Constitution grants, those in power have confiscated the system that the Elite have the power alone to make any changes.

Although the people can uprise and cause a revolt. However, I think for that to happen a majority of “warriors” needs to coordinate and strategize. While there are fractions of this, as a whole we have become too divided. Perhaps the public is so brainwashed they now accept Socialism, even Communism, and have been submitted wholly to the voting process even though it fails.

The plan had always been, set up the system with the appeasement of the holy (the Christians) and that through allegory their networks would soon infiltrate it and twist the meaning of the Constitution with a Centralized govt in mind: One Worldism if you will. Socialism would silently gain momentum as the rights are slowly chipped away at and the agents could confiscate the voting to their advantage.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) set that up through the network, acquiring the Elite heads to influence their sectors. Socialism was to trickle in slowly until the citizens realized they already are Socialist, but then too late to turn from it. Welcome to the 21st Century.

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