Doc Marquis ex-Illuminati Gives Us His Insight | podcast

Doc Marquis

In this episode, Jim is joined by Doc Marquis sharing his insight of the Illuminati. No matter what you think of Doc Marquis, he has been pronounced in his exposing the Illuminati, claimed to come from an insider, and shares information about the infamous group known as the Illuminati.

Doc explains his testimony of being groomed as a witch under an Illuminati family going back 7 generations to 1789, and his background and how he came to Jesus Christ.

He clears up the misconception that the Illuminati has disbanded in 1786. And that the Illuminati still consider themselves as such.

The purpose of the Illuminati is explained, as well as their beliefs.

How their plan is on track, even when it gets interfered.

Doc is an ex-Illuminati who has appeared on Oprah, Geraldo Rivera, Hard Copy Inside Edition, Unsolved Mysteries, as well as other shows. He was brought up in an Illuminati family before being saved by Jesus Christ. Now provides information exposing the Illuminati and their plan for a New World Order.

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