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James Perloff

Many have questions about 9/11 and the official narrative offered to us that 19 or so terrorists instructed by a guy on the other side of the world living in a cave orchestrated a perfect hit into the World Trade buildings to cause enough inertia to topple the buildings to rubble that appears to us to be a controlled demolition. Some say it was George W. Bush and the CIA, or at least insiders in our government who orchestrated such incident.

However, even the truthers may be shocked from what James Perloff has found in his research and conversations with professionals in the field. It may not be the Muslims. And it may not even be our own INSIDE GOVERNMENT.

In this episode James will explain why the official narrative for planes hitting steel buildings and toppling them down to rubble is a physical impossibility. And how we must use common sense and rational when we are fed these stories to rightly question the truth. If we are told something that was witnessed happened in this way or that, and what is being described is a physical and rational impossibility, we have to assume our eyes had been deceived and that there is another explanation. We do not only need the “what,” but we need the “how” and “why” as well. James runs us through those questions.

James Perloff has written several articles with his suspicions of who was behind 9/11 and discusses them with us. Warning, it may not be what the official narrative suggests, nor even what many truthers are telling you.

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James Perloff can be found at JamesPerloff.com

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