Great American Rebellion | podcast

Great American Rebellion | podcast

Indications that America is starting to get tired of the pandemic. Some are fighting back. Also we explain how Christian truthers should conduct themselves in the fear of the Great Reset, NWO, and agenda upon the citizens of the world.

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Appeals Court Re-affirms Stay Against Biden Mandate

America is Fighting Back


Appears people getting fed up with increased mandates, masks, and additional boosters when they were promised normalcy.

CDC in question of records

Unvaxxed with natural immunity less likely spreading the virus despite previous report

CDC admits it has no record of unvaxxed individual with COVID natural immunity spreading virus


Great Society; New Deal; Great Reset

Never an answer, just an agenda.

However, the Christian doesn’t need to respond the same way as those who have no hope.

Attitude of the Christian Truther

The Attitude of a Christian Truther

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