Johnny Cirucci: Jesuits and Crypto Jews | podcast

Jesuits and Jews

In this episode we asked Johnny Cirucci his perspective on the claim of Jesuits vs Crypto-Jews taking over the Church of Rome and Vatican. Who are the Crypto Jews? Did they guise as Catholics as proposed by essays to infiltrate Vatican and control the Roman Church through the Jesuits, or do the Jesuits have reign on them?

As in his usual manner, Johnny at least presents us with evidence of facts of names, places, and dates to show us the Catholic influence, and the Jesuits as a true culprit in the scheme of things, by simply showing us where they are present. Why do Jews need to serve incognito, and instead covert to Catholicism? He brings us a curious question. Johnny shows us the affiliation of the powerful agencies and people in them.

However, Cirucci did not understand the significance or impact that the Crypto-Jews have been working to get recognized into Congress under the Noahide Laws, fueled by the Sanhedrin Council setting up to infiltrate society with its laws. Johnny did consider that if they were significant, it was not going to be seriously taken as law.

In this episode below (video and audio), I address an editorial correction of the proper law record and the writing as it appears.

You may also view the video episode of that edition.

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