Larry Gaiters COVID-19 Connecting the Dots | podcast

Larry Gaiters making connections

In this episode our guest Larry Gaiters takes us through the detailed journey of naming names and making vast connections between those involved with COVID-19 and unveiling the “Greatest Global Coverup in Human History.”

Hang on to your seats as Larry unravels the onion layer by layer and exposes the coverup connecting all the dots of the people and industries contributing to the plandemic/pandemic and explains the nature of deliberate development of COVID-19 and its strands to hit specific demographics.

Larry connects the dots with Kobe Bryant, who died in the beginning unveiling of the COVID-19 pandemic and has connections with China, Jeff Stibles and the Brain Gate Initiative.

Wendy Deng Murdock, wife of ex-CEO of Fox News (News Corp), who had business with the Ministry of State Security of China (China’s Intelligence), and had Freemason family connections. She dealt with Cindy Mi, also someone Kobe gave large sums of money to, of whom he had no real relationship.

Larry gets into the meaning of COVID-19 and the 19 strands for which it was named. Patents tracing to Bill Gates and Microsoft, Chiron, AG Group, and Rothschilds. Also he tells of the labs funded by Gates, Soros, and other big players.

China made a pact with Vatican as well for a chance as a New World order leader. Many competitions between nations cause rivalry. Remember at the top, the same oligarchy control the strings.

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