Laura Maxwell: The Illuminati Halloween Agenda

Laura Maxwell

Our guest Laura Maxwell explains how the Illuminati push the Halloween agenda to desensitize the public to occult rituals and paganism through the New Age beliefs. She discusses the progression in the 20th Century towards acceptance of occult witchcraft using Halloween and its imagery. She also gives her own personal experiences of having to denounce her participation in deliverance from it. There are many points made in this episode you do not want to miss!

  • We discuss how Halloween has occult and Satanic background.
  • The Usage of the Illuminati to push an immoral agenda and add more participants to the Craft.
  • Aleister Crowley influence rituals in society through performance.
  • Disguises invoke spirits in role-playing demonic possession.
  • Role-playing in Freemasonry rituals not just symbolism only.
  • Laura gives her testimony how she was delivered from the participation of Halloween.
  • Moral relativism by desensitizing and offering a “Do as thou wilt” philosophy.
  • And how the Illuminati use a mass magic operation.


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