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Wolf and the Lamb

In this episode we bring up some examples of the Mandela Effect and what we remember of the details and whether we think some quantum phenomenon actually changed things or just a false memory of many people. Darrin and Jim both have different accounts what they remember, so which is to be taken into account when determining the reality of a Mandela Effect changing facts of what we remember?

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If Darrin remembers a detail that now he sees that the detail he remembered is no longer present, and Jim remembers the detail how it is currently presented, which one is right? Darrin might say Jim has to acknowledge the supernatural change that Darrin experienced. yet Jim says Darrin might be remembering it wrong because he is sure it is how it always has been. So which one has the facts and to which is expected to show the burden of proof?

Now what if Darrin and all his friends think they remember the suggested anomaly and Jim remembers if how it currently displays and states it never changed, which has the burden of proof? Jim isn’t claiming anything changed, so it would be the ones who claimed it did to prove motive, reason, and ability. The ones who think it changed explain it by some abstract science they suppose is a tampering of quantum dimensions that suggest it is pseudoscience. But can that even be proven outside suggested formulas and theories?

So the only proof we have is some who think they remember things the way they currently are not who insist the reality must have been changed. Let’s face it, we could not be wrong how we remember it. So it has to be proof of a switch in quantum parallel universes, right?

I remember distinctly the BerenSTAIN Bears. The reason is because I owned a Daycare and had to get the series a couple decades ago. I never thought there was a renaming in the past few years. As a matter of fact, I remember two decades ago realizing it is BerenstAIN and not BerenSTEIN and that everyone misreads it. Back then I thought people were subjected by suggestion from the way people say it and how they perceive it and just been mispronouncing it. That leads to a visible optical delusion created by that perception.

An example is how they do the rearranging of letters in a sentence yet the mind perceives what it is MEANT to say. When you see letters in wrong arrangements of a word your brain still can decipher the actual word in your mind what it says so much you didn’t realize it was wrongly spelled. Yet we still see it how we perceive the word to sound without realizing the arranged letters. Then when someone points it out they realize it was altered differently then how they perceived it.

Here is a followup episode about the ability of supernatural changing of the Bible and what these changes would mean if we cannot rely on remembered facts any longer. All would just be subjective. Very convenient for Existentialists and Universal Philosophy, and Mind Sciences.

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A past episode also has an analysis of the Mandela Effect.

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Here is an article I wrote on the subject

Mandela Effect Delusion

This this episode I explain subliminal psyops and how it can be applied to this phenomenon.

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