Mystery Babylon: New Atlantis, New Jerusalem, New World Order | podcast

Vatican Palace

What is Mystery Babylon today? Which of the Secret Societies are on top of the pyramid? The perception of the Secret Society that is on top above the rest is argued over researchers according to which stands out as having the most influence towards the agenda. In this episode we bring our insight of the relationship between the Secret Societies and the New World Order, and how it is significant to Mystery Babylon. Our rational perspective will explore the various roles the Societies play on the plan for a New World Order headquarters in the overall scheme of things. And the power that charges the principalities and powers against the knowledge of God.

In this episode we look at Bible prophecy of Revelation and relate it with Secret Societies.

Revelation 17 about Mystery Babylon and the Beast.

We explain how Secret Societies are used by the Elite and their bloodlines traced through to claims of today. How they use witchcraft, and how they subdue nations.

We describe the Secret Societies and their functions by the Elite, and give a reason why it is difficult to determine who is at the top of the pile.

The various plans of the Elite relate to Mystery Babylon. Each group has its own variation of ideas where a One World headquarters should be placed. Some say a New Atlantis in America, others a New Jerusalem in Israel. All to do with a New World Order agenda that will fulfill God’s purpose for End Times.

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