Trump to evangelicals: Referendum Against Your Religion

Donald Trump warns Evangelical leaders

President Trump warned evangelical leaders in a closed-door meeting that there would be “violence” if Republicans lose the House in the November midterm elections. “You’re one election away

In a closed meeting to 100 or so Evangelical leaders, President Trump warned Evangelical Pastors and leaders that if the November elections is not won for Republicans, the Democrats will wage a war against their religion.

He warned that they risk losing everything they gained saying, “They will overturn everything that we’ve done and they’ll do it quickly and violently, and violently. There’s violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups — these are violent people.”

The first thing that stood out to me about this is that Trump said, “They are doing this against YOUR religion.” He was speaking to evangelicals. Many say Trump is a Christian, so why did he refer to the warning as an attack on “Your religion?” He seems to have separated himself from their belief and idea that he shares a common faith as a Christian like them. So he is appealing as one who understands them, but is outside their belief.

The other thing that disturbs me is the fear it is inciting. A fear that violence will break out, and that the attack on them is more than spiritual, but is physical as well. And this is riling them up for defense that will further make the distinction and fuel the free between the parties. He is assuming that the proper vote for the correct party that defends them is the solution. And that by voting for Republicans, it will prevent there referendum against them and against him, the if he doesn’t have a leverage of mortify, they will lose the challenge and everything gained politically for their cultural belief.

Jesus stated that Christians will be persecuted. They hated him, they will hate those who follow him. This is expected. How is legislation and voting going to change the situation and prevent persecution against the gospel in a world that doesn’t appreciate it? It is merely a political solution to a spiritual issue. And Trump has brought a fleshly perspective on the Evangelical leaders to consider.

Politics certainly influences who has the most power. But most in politics are corrupt and part of a corrupt system. So does  it matter in the long run who is occupying offices? Parties and offices are bought by Oligarchy banking Elite. And as Democrat gurus like Carroll Quigley revealed, both sides are controlled by the same power. So it doesn’t matter much, except cosmetically, who is the facade. Ideologies just divide the people that that can easily be directed towards the same goal. But the system is run by Luciferians at the top who have their own agenda.


Trump to evangelicals: There’ll be ‘violence’ if we lose the House

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