Social Media Fascists, Trump Meets with Evangelicals | podcast


Social Media is the greatest forum to come along to share free distribution of thought with people all over the world. However, Social Media has also become the biggest censorship program interfering with the free speech of those it grants free expression. In this episode, we have reports it is being tampered with, some are being flagged and shadow-banned, and posts and video channels are being deleted. Some are not getting that fair chance to freely express themselves when the standard is Political Correction and some voices are considered hate-speech as fascists are in control. Facebook is issuing ratings on posts to determine their credibility to determine “Fake News.”

We are witnessing an attack on information, and subtle persecution against our voice. Also we will discuss the Trump warning to a group of Evangelical Pastors and leaders in a closed meeting that an attack has been made on them, and that if they didn’t rally votes for Republicans in the mid-term elections in November, a referendum will be issued against their religion. We analyze the political argument why politics is not sa solution to a spiritual issue.

  • Republican Shadow-ban
  • How Social Media uses this political issue as a smokescreen to make the excuse of censoring material
  • What is being flagged, deleted, and banned
  • The tightening of algorithms to flag insensitive keywords programmed by Political Correctness
  • The rating system given by Facebook to determine “fake news.”
  • Trump rallies Evangelical leaders warning them of a “leak” that a referendum has been issued against THEIR religion
  • How this influences voting the party of choice using fear
  • Avoiding persecution by choosing a godly candidate

Facebook is rating posts for your protection against “Fake News.”

Article on Trump’s warning against referendum

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