New Age and Christianity

New Age resisted exposing itself into the culture and into Christianity until 100 years after Helena Blavatsky’s influence of Theosophy penetrated society and gained acceptance. Alice Bailey and Lucis Trust educated New Age philosophy into society throughout the 20th century and in the 1960s it began to publicize in our culture. Drug use was deliberately encouraged into the youth to influence rebellion as to break the thinking of ethical Christianity and allow this new thinking to flourish; one of reaching divinity in oneself.

That was a lie of the devil. In the Garden the Serpent tempted mankind through Eve to:

1) “you shall not die” (perpetual life in reincarnation)
2) “you shall know good and evil” (Gnosticism)
3) “You shall be as God” (divinity in oneself)

This gained all sorts of altered counterfeit theology including “Christ Consciousness” and the “I AM” in you.

Unfortunately even Christianity has adopted these philosophies. Joel Osteen claimed, “The Power of I Am.” Steven Furtick stated, “I AM Almighty God…” Thse false teachings have been believed by modern Christians.

In the 1970s’ Christian Evangelicals met with New Age writer Willis Harmon to reach and agreement between the compatibility between New Age and Christianity. The conference highlighted notes from Harmon’s book, “Global Mind Change.” The conference, hosted by the Billy Graham Association at Wheaton College, is transcribed as “An Evangelical Agenda: 1984 and beyond,” copyright 1979 by the Billy Graham Center and published by the William Carey Library (Fuller Theological Seminary).

Robert Schuller on January 17-19, 2008 hosted a “Rethink Conference” attended by President H.W. Bush and Kay Warren, wife of church-growth leader Rick Warren. According to the conference executive director Bill Dallas, they “confronted outdated and preconceived ideas.” Addressed were the ideas of need for radical change in reaching the next generation. It specialized in “spiritual needs” for what appeared to be failure in Christianity, in order to deal with social issues.

Of course in my research I have exposed Rick Warren as a long-time member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) that exists to transform business, education, media, government, and religion into the New World Order for the Illuminati.

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