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Tavistock Institute

In this episode we look into the progression of propaganda techniques traced from the roots of Tavistock research to using the research for mind control as developed into our modern culture.

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Tavistock Institute founded in 1920 by Dr. Hugh Crichton-Miller first referred to as the Tavistock Clinic then called the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology. Claimed research developed of psychological treatments for shell-shocked soldiers during and after the First World War, but its clinic had always intended to study children and adults. Its first patient was a child.

After the second WW (1947) it was taken over under Rockefeller financing referred to as the “Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.” While posing as a medical facility for psychological research, it was used for developing Psychological Warfare as an arm of the British Royal Family, located in London.

Tavistock was closely associated with The Frankfurt School founded in 1923, by Carl Grünberg, also financed by the Rockefellers, that indoctrinated classical Marxist ideology. However, its main objective was to analyze culture and population from a Freudian perspective. The ideas incorporated Marxism, Freudian, and Hegelian philosophies, as well as that offered by Carl Jung.

Its secret mission was Behavioral Modification; bring about forced changed to our way of life without our agreement or realizing it.

Edward Bernays called “father of modern propaganda.

Joseph Goebbels served as chief propagandist strategist for the Nazi Party and close friends with Hitler. Used propaganda in entertainment for mind control that was perfected by the Nazis. Probably utilized the root of the research intended in Tavistock, but the Nazis extended it to their own techniques of devious experiments on humans. Goebbels used radio, entertainment, and media for mass communication to indoctrinate by giving the perception of authority and power to the media.

Tavistock and Frankfurt School actually watched what Nazis were researching to incorporate it into their studies.

Media uses the same strategies learned from research of Tavistock and of the Nazis. The media sources went from hundreds of private corporations into a few corporations owned by the International Bankers like Rockefeller and Rothschilds.

Today only 6 Corporations (actually 5) own and run 99% of national media, using AP and Reuters for its official news feed source. The networks are briefed as to the criteria, the buzzwords, and agenda of the narrative to promote.

It got utlized even in the transformation of music. Theodore Adorno wrote Introduction into the Sociology of Music that used the aspects of mind control to program the mass culture to the degrading of its consumers. The application would launch a major irreversible cultural diversion in America for mind control.

The 1960s movement is suspected as deliberate change in culture using manipulation of mind control along with drugs (mostly LSD) into a subculture through music.




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