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In this episode Jim examines occult practices and their influence in society. Why outsiders need to know about it, and how decipher the code can benefit. We often alert the times of occult rituals, as well as signs and evidences of occult presence in social events. The reason is that we believe that the occultists use occult markings in communication to other occultists, as well as present a “hidden in plain sight” account to unwitting observers. Why is this important to know? It gives us an account to be forewarned what is planned.

The definition of “occult” is not evil, but it means hidden. Esoteric or secret is the characteristic. And it entails that some acquire knowledge beyond the general public. Therefore it is secret. Secret Societies often cloak these practices, as well as mystic groups who believe they have an advantage over the masses with such knowledge. This is Gnosticism.


The nature of the secrecy gives some men leverage over others. And makes those outside dependent on their Elite knowledge and insight. This is how they rise above the rest. In their mind, they are worthy of such knowledge and you the outsider should be grateful for the work they do to keep society operating correctly. But they also feel the masses look at them negatively, and get in their way. This justifies why they must remain hidden in their view. But they subtly reveal it to the masses hidden, but in plain sight. Therefore the masses cannot claim ignorance.

By hinting to the public their activity, they believe it binds them to their ritual. It includes the ignorant and they participate in the Craft by knowing, even if unwittingly. Some of the ritual includes the lack of ability to resist while these occultists operate, and gains an impact on the energy of the magic. And how much more powerful they consider it.

Kinds of rituals:

  • Ritual Magic
  • Sex Rituals
  • Symbolic Magic Rituals
  • Numerology Magic Rituals
  • Energy Magic

Many more rituals exist, but these give examples. Each element is the operation of another type of magic (or magick with the “k”, to differentiate between illusion stage magic and real magic).

The magic operates in different methods, Numbers represent characters, considered a divine nature, called Gematria in Kabbalah, which is Jewish Mysticism (based on the old ancient Babylonian witchcraft). Enochian Magic is another form and method.

Defining Magic

Hermetics means controlling (manipulating) what is on the surface by what is called into existence by tapping into the spiritual dimension. This is known by the phrase, “As above, So below,” as represented in the Baphomet image. Baphomet Interesting, the Baphomet also represents sexual ritual magic energy by the androgynous imagery of the image itself. A goat head (goat represents Lucifer or Satan in an opposing view) having female breasts and a male phallic represents the male/female principle of magick. Especially with the pentagram on its head, the symbol of witchcraft using the five elements; Earth, fire, air, water, and spirit.

The idea is that the unity of the opposing elements brings an energy force. The opposites; Male/Female, Light/Dark, Black/White, Blue/Red, Good/Evil, is the essence of this magick. They believe that one cannot exist without the other and by bringing them together brings a powerful force. Even the elements of good and evil co-exist and are necessary.

Magic is defined as “changing one’s consciousness.” Aleister Crowley defined it as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” This could mean to alter one’s thinking to change, or to alter the consciousness of another, especially the masses. And the usage of imagery fuels this in the mind of the receiver to condition a mindset, desensitization, and using the application of fear.

Occult Evil?

So is the occult evil or wicked? There is very little lines between White Magic and Black Magic. It is all according to intent. And since the nature of occult is secret, it is very easy to crossover and use it for self-benefit in violation of the will of others. Therefore it is easy to become evil. Though occultists will not admit this. Unless they are into the Black Arts and realize their intent is malicious. But in magick, the together force of Black Magic and White Magic is another co-existing unity. Of course, not all believe this is practical. But in higher Elite circles, they have a difference of opinion and operation.

Many do not believe they practice occultism. But if you regard horoscope, you are dabbling in occult astrology. If you wish luck, the same regard. And even the belief of Scientology is a hermetic metaphysical secular humanist magic practice, using the same hermetic principles.

Dabbling in such things attracts spirits. Some believe spirits are good. Christians believe spirits are deceiving, no matter how innocent they seem, but influenced by demonic spirits. And these spirits are Fallen Angel or their offspring, we know as Nephilim. The Fallen Angel Azazel taught men war, women flirtation, but also occult knowledge.

Giver of Occult

The Serpent in the Garden of Eden (Genesis Chapter 3) enticed man through Eve to partake in the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the midst of the garden. He tweeted her prideful nature enticing her to temptation and rebellion by offering her knowledge to be like God knowing good and evil, and that she would become a god. Of course we know this was rebellion against God, and that the Serpent, representing Satan, is an adversary against God, (the very meaning of Satan, which is haSatan in Hebrew, meaning he is the adversary against God). Anyone giving in to this principle is likewise influenced by the enticement of the Serpent.

Jesus Christ reversed the affects of the rebellious nature in us by paying for our sins (the acts against God) in his giving of himself in sacrifice on the cross to be offered by God in our place. By believing and receiving what He did, we take the  offer of God for redemption of our sin against God. Jesus’ merit in our place is a merciful act on God, since we don’t deserve it. But He granted our escape from the hold of sin. See John chapter 3 for the explanation.

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