Roe v Wade Overturned and the Ethical Argument

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Supreme Court overturned the 50 year allowance of abortion rights taking it off a Federal case to put it in the hands of individual States.

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The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 50 year old Roe v Wade case that allowed a Federal approval for the right to abortion. Now it has ruled in a 6-3 vote that the Constitution does not grant that right federally, and individual States must determine their own legislation. It merely pushes the decision to the States, which is where it should be (if at all).

Is there more behind the agenda? Some have become suspicious that there is some ulterior motives for this decision. However, it really only pushes it back to status prior to Roe v Wade in the 1970s and takes it back out of a Federal decision to allow. Isn’t that what Pro-lifers would want?

Some States, like New York are scrambling to enstate legislation for the continued allowance of the practice of abortion for its State. NY Governor Kathy Hochul announced it was a “reckless decision” on the part of the Supreme Court. She obviously believes it is a hindrance. But to what?

Pro-choice advocates like Hochul do not care about the argument for the case of a fetus considered potential life in the womb. They care more about the right of the woman to decide in keeping the developing fetus in her, aborting it to strip it of being birthed. To them the argument of “killing a baby in the womb” is avoided to express the first right of a woman to carry it.

The argument is simple. They demand a woman should have the right to determine if the fetus developing in her is granted life, or up for murder row to be eliminated. That doesn’t seem to be a good ethical case. They are demanding to play God (or goddess) in a matter of choosing life. That after having participated in an action (promiscuity) recklessly and irresponsibly. In essence the case is “Woman’s Rights vs Fetus Rights.”

The Pro-choice argument is one of political Liberalism and has nothing to consider science. According to medical research, within 4 weeks, the rudimentary structure known as the neural plate develops, meaning the central nervous system of the spinal cord. The plate forms the neural tube that becomes the development of the brain by the 6th week separating in distinct parts.

In the next 16 to 21 weeks the baby swallows and breathing movements occur being directed by the central nervous system, as the diaphragm and chest muscles contract. The baby may begin to kick and stretch during this period due to the cerebellum of the brain responding to motor control. At the end of the second trimester, the brain with the brain stem has almost entirely developed. Not yet an individual? When is that considered? To Pro-choice women activists, it is not.

Rapid growth occurs in the third trimester in which the baby continues to grow as does the brain. The baby begins reacting to sounds, movement, and having a sort of attitude within the womb.

What does the Pro-choice advocate not want to accept? They merely press for rights, not life. It is ironic the same Pro-choice advocates who claim the fetus isn’t a life would be in an uproar if someone for example crushed bird eggs. They would call it inhumane. Yet that embryo in the egg is similar to the fetus in the woman’s womb.

Hochul invites anyone from other States prohibiting abortion to come into New York for the process. Taxpayers there will support this horrible legislation to continue the practice of baby murder in the womb. God help New York and States like it.

(Medical info comes from Healthline, medically reviewed by Carolyn Kay, M.D. – Written by Sara Lindberg on September 30, 2020)

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