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The devil

What do Satanists look like? Do they worship a supernatural being? We examine the aspects of Satanism as well as mention certain Satanist groups in society and their affiliations.

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We name groups through the years that boast an infatuation with identifying with Satan, yet not necessarily worship as entity identified as such.

What we find is that the nature of Satan is not ceremonial rituals to him, but just taking on the nature of satan. Satan means adversary, and in this regard is an adversary to God. Satanists oppose God and Christianity to make public shock statements against Him as a means to defy their belief and disregard in the biblical God. Sometimes it is an atheistic view with the addition of mockery of religion.

Satanism also takes on the nature of narcissism as the essence of what Satan has taught mankind. We naturally are sinful and can be narcisistic, but God urges us to get over ourselves and love God as well as our neighbor. The narcissistic nature of Satan directs our inward passion of self and emphasizes it. It guides one to think of “number one” first and do what you like. This is what magician Aleister Crowley taught in his Thelema when he stated, “Do as thou wilt.” However Crowley also performed ceremonial magick to worship the entity.

However, those who take on this nature also seemingly do worship or revere the essence of Satan. They don’t have to claim identity with a supernatural being to appease him. They merely take on his nature and operate in that image. Some even dress up or portray an evil persona to enhance their hatred of God.

Others don’t mean to worship the entity, but they do fall short of honoring God by worshipping the creation and created things while not giving credit to the Creator, which is also a nature of Satan. The Serpent tempted mankind in the Garden of Eden through Eve when he appealed to her human nature of pride to offer her independent life without regard for God. He taught you shall eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge to gain 1) Immortality, that you shall not die; 2) Gnosticism, to have Gnostic knowledge of good and evil, 3) Divinity, that you can become like God.

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