Science Is Different Than Faith

machine and man
Science can determine the working of nature, chemical and biological information and what is present that are testable and knowable. However, it still cannot provide evidence and reason for creation without making a claim against it of our origins by jumping to assumption and its own presumed conclusions based on speculation, just from those presentable facts.
Faith in God of the Bible is different and is admittingly based on the foundation of what is written in the provided source, that which is scripture – the Word of God – that is received as the record, which is presented to our conscience by God and accepted by faith with evidence of things not seen, but confirmed by the Spirit of God when we willingly receive His Spirit to make our spirit alive in Jesus Christ.
That is what science cannot provide, nor it shouldn’t. It is a different aspect. One is natural and physical, the other spiritual. Yet our faith does not contradict that which science can prove with evidence. The information of fact is the same for both that of science and that of faith. In both cases it is the unprovable aspect by testable means that is concluded. One by speculation of science, the other claim by faith. Though in the case of science, it violates the very definition, of things that cannot YET be testable to validate as conclusive, and is merely stretching the definition of science. Faith isn’t regarded the same as science because it isn’t claiming a testable laboratory to prove it, though it also doesn’t violate nature and science. But the science claiming speculation of what cannot be tested is also leaning on faith.
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