Patriotism, Where is your loyalty? | podcast

America and Freemason

Freedom is an honor and to live in a country that allows certain freedoms. Many have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedoms. However, some of those freedoms get slowly retracted and stripped from us, like the analogy of a frog boiling in a pot of water. We wonder if this was gradual or something deliberate from the beginning that has crept in over time. Where was the loyalty of our founding father, and what purpose did they have for America?

Many believe in this country of America. And have fought on behalf of the citizens. However, we have discovered they are also fighting for another cause, one not so noble, but that serve a Secret Society for the headquarters of its New World Order.

Should we put our trust in these men when they have another ulterior motive in mind? The land is of the free, but the freedom is not just so citizens can enjoy the benefit. We are being led somewhere.

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