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In this episode my guest J. Michael Bennett aka Dr. Future shares his views on the Evangelical Religious Right and how it was used to influence Christians. Michael takes us through his insight documented in his book “Two Masters and Two Gospels” that exposes the Christian Religious Right and how it infiltrated Christianity for a political influence. He explains how the gospel of Jesus has blurred with the gospel of Conservativism.

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Michael Bennett has a way of bringing his insight on the origin of the modern Religious Right and describing how it has affected the Evangelical Christian community to assume the business model Conservative/Republican candidate as the godly choice in politics.

We share his common concern of the political system hijacking the Christian community, and his exposing of the insertion of this formula to sway Christians for an unhealthy view of the Christian/Conservative worldview. Yet we differ on our acceptance of this current world system of government as that worthy agent of possibility to produce a godly candidate for the most beneficial society of benevolence with God’s endorsement. I don’t agree that society should be transformed to a “social gospel” of using socialism means as a way to take care of the poor, if that’s what these conclusions would result.

Note: I don’t think Michael is suggesting we throw our hands up to Liberal Socialist agendas, just it could seem that this is what would result if we also use government as that means of fair distribution. I am not a proponent of reviving this corrupt system, or even to consider some candidate would survive in it who had these supposed “godly” intentions.

I read a book from 1919 called New World Order by Zane Batten published by the American Baptists suggesting Jesus would want a Socialistic society run by the government, and that would be the best beneficial system for all. It told the New World Order of Socialism would be the best structure to assist that goal. Some of the suggestions by my guest reminded me of that book. Nonetheless the information in this podcast has some valid points that we wanted to bring out.

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