Who are the Good Guys in this War? | podcast

Putin and Zelensky with halos

War has stirred much emotion and spewed many opinions dividing over the issue of the Russia/Ukraine conflict. What caused it? We tend to take sides over who is more right in fighting, or defending, according to the perception or bias you choose. Either way can we point to the good guy in all this? All sides have corrupt intent. We go over this ethical discussion to weight the claims as to whom has a more legit reason. Or maybe not…

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War stirs emotions that people take bias so you cannot use consensus to determine right. Some of the proponents of freedom and peace call for war of defending a seemingly helpless country.

CIA-affiliated news is CIA News. The CIA has been in agreement with media sources in a program called “Operation Mockingbird.” You are fed propaganda. My article on the 6 Corporations who own media, now narrowed to 5 corporations. You can see my info about Operation Mockingbird here. See other articles I have on  Operation Mockingbird and controlled media.

Ukrainian member of Parliament Kira Rudik stated in an interview over the weekend with Fox News that she and her fellow Ukrainian citizens are not only fighting Russia to save their own country but to save the “new world order that includes all the other democratic countries.”

A Pandemic Treaty has been issued by the WHO

The Pandemic Treaty Under the World Health Organization (WHO)

Here is The WHO Constitution mentioned:

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