Internet Ownership? CERN and its Influence

Internet and CERN

Despite the claim, Al Gore did not invent the Internet. Matter of fact, the concept was developed by a man named Vannevar Bush (no relation, even though Gore might get upset by it). Bush was working for the government at the time, but didn’t develop it for the government. However, they used his technology to develop communications between scientists of the CERN project.

People do not realize that the scientific laboratory of the Large Hadron Collider, known as CERN, owns the Internet. In order to maintain its right to the development and prevent their technology from being duplicated, CERN  made an agreement to allowing public access to the stream of information known as the worldwide web. The public is on the Internet 2.0 system. CERN has allowed the public to access and utilize it.

The D-Wave Quantum supercomputer, which computes information for CERN, is the mainframe for the Internet. That must mean the D-Wave has control over its access. It has been accessed as a means to collect ALL our information and further have us voluntarily offer it. The Quantum computer now has ability to calculate information processes as equal to 7 billion human brains working. Do we wonder if it is able to monitor every bit of the traffic of information we input?

Is it any wonder there are many back doors from it that government agencies use for our information? Along with Google, which has a government contract to extract and monitor information, they have the ability to capture all our information that we input and volunteer. And Google is the third party between the government and privacy. Do you really think they have restricted access for government officials for your information?

Google is the most popular search engine. They are used to utilize voice commands, voice dictation, and search engine algorithms. That means every bit of information poured from our finger tips and mouthed in vicinity of audio equipment is recorded and collected for data access. The search engines conduct what is called “data mining,” which categorizes all our information. It is also assumed that a profile is kept on EVERY citizen through this means. While we voluntarily offer it by our usage of searches.

Every keystroke, searches, and audio sounds are captured and our algorithms are recorded and categorized. By access to the Web we allow that information be tapped. And further our acceptance of platforms and Social Media allows our permission. While some things are claimed to be “private,” we give enough volunteer access by the patterns we perform and our habits. All those Facebook games and trivia we play our nothing more than accessible tools that measure our reactions and pattern our behavior. And that si used in a predictive profile of our abilities, knowledge, and tolerance to the direction the Elite want to take us.

When Obama refused to sign an agreement with the ICANN rights for the Internet after expiration on October 1, it put it up for negotiation in which is was said that the U.N. would have bid. Not sure exactly where it is now. But that means the new agents do NOT need to comply with the U.S. Constitution of the right to free speech. Nor the privacy thereof.

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