William Ramsey: Smiley Face Killers, Aleister Crowley, and the occult Hollywood Cabal | podcast

Smiley Face

In this episode William Ramsey joins us to talk about the criminal cases such as the Smiley Face Killers and the West Memphis Three, and how Aleister Crowley has influenced occultism in society and the Hollywood Cabal.

Guest William Ramsey explains to us the case of the Smiley Face Killers and that the mainstream avoided making this bigger. Several incidents across the country and even the world relate similar criminal acts, most the time with the same characteristics of involving young athletic men partying who needed up found in water. Many of the cases had a smiley face image either by the scene or nearby, or on the headstone of the victim.

The West Memphis Three involved water as well. But the real connection is the participation in the occult. Damion Echols in this case was deeply involved with Wicca, witchcraft, Satanism, and even eventually became affiliated with Aleister Crowley’s O.T.O. (Order Templi Orientis). These boys idolized Aleister Crowley, which adds a dark element to the situation.

Several Hollywood celebrities came to the defense of Echols. With the deep dark environment of Hollywood, is it any wonder? The cases are suspicious.

William Ramsey is researcher and author of books such as Children of the Damned, Abomination, and Prophet of Evil, as well as has a YouTube channel “William Ramsey Investigates.”

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