Witchcraft Performers, Evangelical Ecumenical NWO Leaders


What has Beyonce’s drummer accused the performer of participating in and doing to her? Also how Evangelicals have contributed to the ecumenical NWO. We will examine the rituals and occult practices of performers. We will discuss the problem of Evangelical leaders joining with Rome. Also the folly of Christians beliving in politicians and their political games.

Beyonce’s ex-drummer has a accused the performer of “extreme witchcraft” and filed a restraining order against her. What else is Beyonce into? We examine some of the performers and their habits behind the scenes, and even in your face. And some of the practices admitted by them.

The Evangelical community is being led by ecumenical leaders who are uniting all faiths, especially Christians, Protestants, and Catholics as a noble cause. But are they giving in to Rome? Is the Pope a godly leader? Why is the church so ready to surrender to Vatican? We explain the folly of Christians who take this stance.





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