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Woodstock Havens
Author - Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell

The late 60s was a time of radical change. It was about self discovery, rebellion against the war machine, expression of free sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It was the celebration of life, New Age and spirituality. Woodstock in August of ’69 became an anthem and a ceremony for this change. We show how it had been deliberately manufactured by Elitists as an experiment to change society. Was the counterculture a psyop agenda by the CIA and other social engineers to leap society in the arms of Globalization and the New World Order? Our discussion dissects this time and how it was one of the biggest influences for the change in society. But was actually a CIA psyop to change our thoughts and bring us “back to the Garden.” In this episode we also give an update on the Pedogate situation of Catholic Priests in Pittsburgh under investigation for child abuse. What is the agenda of the Jesuit Church to allow this to come forth?

Free love was the expression of uninhibited experience of love without the confines of State regulation and law from mandates for sexual matters. It also expresses rebellion against God as breaking the commitment of marriage for exchange for passionate exchange.

Two men changed culture that gave way for a 60’s revolution. Gordon Wasson and Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda. Bernays recognized that culture can be changed by a very few pushing influence.

Several things affect culture:

  • Sexual imagery
  • Wildly uninhibited dance
  • Music idols or icons as roles models
  • Feminism – a feminized society
  • Psychedelic Drugs

The CIA MKULTRA experiments were used in this transformation of society.

The Grateful Dead were used as instruments for the drug counterculture. Members were CIA agents and participants of the Bohemian Grove Satanic ritual event.

Timothy Leary was a CIA agent who staged a coupe with students to experiment with LSD in rebellion against authority. It was purposely planned to change the minds of youth using a technique of “juvenilization.” It is the theory that to change a culture, first influence the youth. Leary was one of many experts who testified at the 1966 subcommittee hearings in opposition AGAINST LSD. The reason was that the youth will not rebel with legal substances. So by making the perception that government wanted it illegal, it was rebellion that attracts the youth into the culture.

The New Age movement gave a different religion and focus of worship to replace God. Instead people were directed to think of themselves as gods, therefore worshiping self. While introducing witchcraft through a means of New Age philosophy influenced by Theosophy. It was to take on the temptation in the Garden of Eden recorded in Genesis 3.

“We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden…” – Woodstock, Joni Mitchell, sung by CSNY

Pedophilia Priests

301 Priests and clergy members were accused of sexual abuse of boys and girls in Pennsylvania. We will examine how the Jesuit run Vatican and Roman Catholic Institution can let this slip out into the public while the Jesuits also control the media and Intel such as the FBI and CIA.

Jim gives his speculation why this is allowed to use as a smokescreen, as well as provoke a “cognitive dissonance” in the mind of the public that they become saturated with the trauma of the cases and their mind begins to tune it out. Thus allowing tolerance and eventually acceptance as was the case with homosexuality and transgenderism.

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