Where is the Kingdom of God?

God creates the heaven and earth

So many say they experience heaven. Some say they will go to heaven when they die. Yet they still have question. Then they answer that they HOPE they will. What path to divinity is qualified? Are they all acceptable? We will sort this out according to scripture.

Some claim a path of divinity that bypasses God. Others make their own determination. However, God is specific on how to see the Kingdom of God. It is not acquired by man’s own achievement or works.

Jesus told the instructions on how to see the Kingdom. But where is it? How can man reach it in the flesh? It is only obtained through the Spirit, and that if one has access. So what is that access?

John 3 gives us the hint. It is not through human flesh. Nor is it grounded in this world or by worldly means. It is a spiritual kingdom, and one must enter by being “born from above.”

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