The Wealthy Are Communists, The Modern Nazi Regime | podcast

Capitalism and Communism allies

The wealthy Capitalists do not oppose Communism. As a matter of fact Capitalists and Communists are allies. The wealthy believe the Communist system grants them the most power to become extreme.

Has Naziism gone away? No it just morphed into a modern form.

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The statement is exaggerated actually. The wealthy themselves are not necessarily Communist, but they benefit from Communism of a government as they are Capitalists. However, that doesn’t mean they didn’t build Communism by their wealth. They contribute to the government system that creates that ideology and impose it on citizens through indoctrination; social causes, education system, and just the concept of Socialism.

We discuss how this came about and how this is possible. The conversation was stirred by a phone call from author Ralph Epperson who wanted me to consider this. He made a DVD (available on YouTube) about this topic and influenced me to do something on it.

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