Universalism in the Christian Church | podcast

church slanted view
Credits: Bruno Coitinho Araújo

In this episode Jim is joined by Bare Hayes to discuss the universalism in the modern Christian Church. Some modern churches have regarded a universalism that leads to an all-inclusive ecumenical unity of all faiths. They consider different cultures of gods as aspects of the One true God. In these movements, love is most important aspect to bring unity, even over truth, and to them that unity and all-inclusiveness is the goal to build the body of Christ. We will examine why this can turn out bad results. We look at how Catholicism influenced such groups, as well as New Age. Joining all religions as one is the Luciferian plan for One World Religion.

Jim and his friend Bare Hayes speak about the conditions of some Christian church movements that have yielded to ecumenicism and universalism to recognize all faiths, or at least have tolerance for them, by submitting they are compatible with the faith of Jesus Christ.

We explore several claims and offer rebuttal to the move of all-inclusiveness in the church. Many denominations and church groups have lowered the bar of Christianity and the gospel to make the gate wider, despite Jesus saying the gate is NARROW and few enter it. Some feel it a valiant effort to open the floodgates to all, and ignore the differences so we can have unity.

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