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Rothschilds criminocracy

The Rothschilds is a known financial dynasty family. Their presence has been in every modern event from the Napoleon Wars to the modern pandemic. In this article “WARS, RESETS AND THE GLOBAL CRIMINOCRACY” we will recite what Paul Cudenec emphasizes that the Rothschilds are behind much of it. He wrote, “Enemies of the People – The Rothschilds and their corrupt global empire.”

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The war on food which may be what is behind this Bird Flu scare. Activists seem to encourage leaving meat behind to prefer not just vegetables, but INSECTS as a food source. Some products already contain elements of this. For what? The environmentalists have a beef with cattle saying it exposes us to harmful methane, a chemical compound believed by them to cause the atmosphere to die off. These extremists will have you suffer food sources for their synthetic utopia so that you don’t utilize the resources given naturally by God.

Canada proposed Canada Bill C-43 that incriminates disinformation. Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau proposed incriminating those who dispel information not coinciding with the official narrative. This is very much like the fiction book Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell.


Wars, Resets, and Global Criminocracy

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