Have You Been Black Pilled? | podcast

Black pilled

Some have been so fired up that they attack, accuse, and shame rather than inform. They become cold, bitter, cynical. Who am I talking about?

Some even in the Truther Community have become so upset or fearful it made them violent. Their words are filled with smoke and fire and they spew out all who don’t see what they see. These are the BLACK PILLED.

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We will discuss how people should be made aware before just accusing them of not knowing.

How far do you go to warn before it becomes fear?

What happens if we become cynical?

How much intensity do we urge before we are becoming agitated?

Some of us have become ineffective when we are trying to reach people. So much they cannot even function in normal society.

Has Black Pilled been caused for controlling the opposition?

We also go into another term I coined in opposition to it. What about “White-pilled?” In that I refer to being burned out that nothing matters at all. The facts have stolen your joy and have disabled you for taking in any more information.

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