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Harry Houdini escape artist

Harry Houdini is known as an escape artist. Few knew he challenged the Spirtualist community of occultists and Elite Theosophists who had operations in the White House and in Britain. He also exposed a Child Trafficking ring. This led to the time of his death when a mysterious student took five sucker punches to his abdomen rupturing it.

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Houdini masterminded more than escape techniques, he was a liaison for the Intel agencies. But in his circles he rubbed shoulders with occult spiritists and mystics claiming to have a first line to supernatural ability. Using trickery and illusion himself, he wanted to prove he could mimic the same experiences the others had put over on the people. Difference is he admitted his was trickery. He sought out to prove these others as charlatans, landing him on the other side of their vengeance. Some mistakenly thought he had joined their circles, but he was infiltrating it to reveal their fraud.

The occult circles worked within the British government as well as the United States White House. Houdini also exposed a Child Trafficking ring in which he made efforts to publicize.

The Spiritist Community came down on him and chased him down to prevent him from ongoing with his investigation. That’s when a mysterious student met him backstage, challenged Houdini to withstand a punch to his abdomen. But before Houdini prepared, the student sucker punched him several times causing trauma to his stomach and rupturing his abdomen. Houdini went to a hospital after having a 102 degree temperature, where he showed signs of recovery until a mysterious doctor injected him with some serum. That was when Houdini’s health failed and the magician died.

Suspicious of this treatment led to some believe the doctor was an agent of the spiritists injecting a poison. An autopsy was never performed.

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