Secret Behind Symbols, Number Codes, and their Occult Meaning

Author: Alan James Garner, 23 November 2009

Symbols are all around us. But do they have significance? Symbols are a language and we will decipher some of the code that some occult groups use to identify their hand in social affairs, in companies, and in religious groups.

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Symbols are a language. Understanding them can tell you what a group believes. When certain numbers with symbols are applied they represent a message. Occultists believe these symbols give power to them and publicize their power esoterically to the ignorant. There is power in their secrecy and is a foothold for spiritual activity. People claim there is no power if you don’t acknowledge it. But it is very influential. Just look at the media, entertainment, and company logos and you will see it is everywhere and increasing. Their boldness gives us a clue as to how developed their agenda is getting.

Why important for us to know? Because why shouldn’t we be forewarned of the plan of a demonic Luciferian nature that believes they are the Supreme and we are inferior? It is knowing their language so we can detect their devices. Some scriptures warn to know the devices of the enemy.

Ritual magick uses symbols, numbers, geometric patterns, and words to control a person’s thinking and alter life. Used for hypnotic trances and change consciousness.

The trinity and the Pygathorean formula using geometry and arithmetic for mysticism.

Chaldean system of numerology used in occult, astronomy, mathmatics, and other sciences. Also the core of astrology.

Symbols in shapes, in logo designs, in numbers, and in hand gestures.

Albert Pike, 33rd degree Mason, wrote that symbols have two meanings, one exoteric – for the public persona and low-level Masons not deserving of the truth, and the other esoteric – hidden for the worthy to know its true secret meaning according to the craft.

The Great Seal on the Dollar bill holds much secret symbolism, pyramid, triangle, phrases, the “eagle”, pentagrams, hexagrams, the number 13.

Secret meaning of The “Star of David”. Not truly what it represents.

Codes, numbers, and calculation formulas. The significance of the number “11” as in 9/11 and its ties to Aleister Crowley and OTO ritual magick.

The secret symbol of the Iluminati.

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