DOJ Targets Anti-government Views, and Use of New Mind Control Techniques

The DOJ has issued its plan to develop a council to target anti-government speech as extremism. We discuss that and new Mind Control techniques with usage of electromagnetic waves that even cease the belief in God, social media and other conditioning techniques to create a consensus.

Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, head of the DOJ’s national security division, said that while the international terror threat occupies the public attention, federal officials remain just as concerned about the prospect of violence from Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies

While it sounds like they are targeting violent threats, we can only imagine what the government will consider violent.

This is also the same language used in the US Army’s Internment Resettlements program that we have reviewed on past shows. See the interview with Lisa Haven for that information. And also what Eric Holder proposed in mentioning the Domestic Task Force for Obama. We also have legislation such as the NDAA that allows government to detain anyone suspected of domestic terrorism under the determination of the agencies. The spying of the NSA collects the information.

Several new mind control techniques have been utilized to manipulate brain waves and thought patterns. Scientists have found that with the usage of electromagnetics they can stimulate the brain to think different thoughts. Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), they found they can shut down a region of the brain that alters the belief in God. Now God is dead – by electromagnetic waves.

This links the NSA collection and social experiments with DARPA, the government agency involved in all sorts of manipulation experimenting from the weather tampering of HAARP, to MK Ultra Mind Control advancements and the creation of super soldiers.

Social media is being used to also manipulate thought and influence emotional responses towards certain agendas. By exaggerating the accounts and statistics, they can use the media reports to stimulate support for an agenda seeming as though it has a majority approval, or that is much more factual than it is in reality. This technique has been used to gather consensus of votes from scientists for climate change, and to gain the support for homosexual sensitivity by exaggerating the cause through media and Hollywood promoting.

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